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Toni & Liam | South Farm, Royston, Hertfordshire

South Farm is an intimate Cambridgeshire venue with a magnificent Ceremony room - there is also plenty of space for guests and to sneak the Bride and Groom away for photos in various locations - including a rather romantic wooden bridge!

Bridal prep make up

Mother of bride helping bride with dress

Bridesmaids dresses hanging up

Bridesmaid helps bride with wedding jewelry

Groom and best men finalise details

Bride reading vows to groom during ceremony

Groom collecting ring from best man

First kiss as husband and wife

Bridesmaids and friends congratulate bride

Bride with bridesmaids and bouquets

Group photo, South Farm

Husband and wife walk away for a few moments of quiet reflection

Bride and Groom kissing on bridge above a stream at South Farm, Royston

First Dance, South Farm


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