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10 reasons why a family portrait is the perfect Christmas gift...

Is it too soon to talk about Christmas...? We don't think so either :)

Woodrow & Cook Photography Christmas Portrait Session Gifts

1. It’s a fun, family experience and beats the stressful, crowded Christmas shopping on the high streets.

2. It's not as expensive as you may think! With lots of print and digital file options you will easily find a package to suit your budget :)

3. You can get creative! If you have ideas or themes just let us know and let your imagination run wild!

4. Perhaps you are always the person taking the family photos but miss out on being in them? Let us take control of the camera and you can all enjoy being in the photo together.

5. Photo's can be made into stylish, personalised Christmas gifts for family members to cherish.

6. Christmas is often a rare time that all the family will be together in one place - surprise a loved one with a photo-shoot to make the most of the time you have.

7. Choose a photo-shoot in the comfort of your home - no need to worry about the weather and wardrobe changes are right on hand!

8. Share with all of your friends and family via email or social media; wherever they are in the world!

9. Lets get outside and make the most of the frosty Christmas weather, lights and decorations - beautiful natural backdrops!

10. Create memories to last a life time!

10 reasons why you should ask us to achieve the perfect Christmas gift

Woodrow & Cook Photograph of baby girl dresses in pink dress

1. We understand kids - we are both parents ourselves and know that they have their good days and bad days, we will always work around what is best for them.

2. Whether its a meadow you played in as a child or a place where you met your partner; both studio / lifestyle photo shoots can take place in any location of your choice!

3. We are fully insured so everyone is protected.

4. We take pride in our photography. Both of us are from an Art & Design background therefore your photographs are our creations and mean as much to us as they do to you.

5. We care about you guys, we want you to have the best experience!

6. We won't rip you off. What you see on our site, is what you get. No hidden fee's.

7. Our products are the highest quality and are from a UK elite professional printing company.

8. We always put the client first. If we can see that someone is hungry, we are more than happy to stop for a break. Need a cup of tea - no problem!

9. We are adaptable. Babies, children or even adults respond differently to cameras. Some can't get enough of it but for others the entire experience can be daunting - we will always adjust out technique to suit :)

10. We expect tears! Hang on... let us explain... we love to hear that you found your photographs so great that you burst into tears of happiness!

For more information on what we have to offer, check out our website -


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