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Introducing our brand new and improved Client Gallery

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

To improve our clients user experience, we decided to invest in a brand new and improved Client Gallery system. Similar to images that you see on social media, our new Client Gallery allows family & friends to highlight their favorite photographs from clicking on the ❤️.

With a click of a button, the Galleries can be shared on Facebook, Email, Pinterest and Twitter. With this new Client Gallery, guests, family and friends will never miss out again!

The Gallery is very user friendly and easy to navigate but just in case anyone is unsure, please see the info below.


Just as before, logon to our website - and select 'CLIENT GALLERY'

Woodrow & Cook Photography - Client Gallery

All of our work will be listed on the Client Gallery page in chronological order. We never use surnames, only forenames and venues.

After opening an album, you will be prompt to enter a password. If you are viewing a Wedding Album, Christening or event, the password will be written on the back of a card that was passed to all guests. If you have lost the password, please get in touch with the Bride / Groom.

After clicking 'GO', you will be taken to the Gallery Cover. To view the photographs, simply click 'View Photos'.


At the bottom left of every Gallery is strip of icons. Here you can '❤️' and share the entire gallery by Email, Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook - PLEASE NOTE - the gallery will remain password protected.

To share & ❤️ individual photographs, click on your favourite photographs and the same icons will be on the top left side.

I hope you all enjoy your new Gallery and don't forget to share your favourite pics!

Emily & Ryan



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