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Legoland, Windsor

With the first day of Winter fast approaching I am already thinking of warmer days, fun to be had and places to explore! So I thought I would share a few bright and colourful pics from a fun day out at Legoland - where else can you see 'The Angel of the North' and 'Stonehenge' at the same time or relax with a nice game of Cricket and a kebab...oh and rather timely with the release of the new Star Wars film - watch out for the Storm Troopers infiltrating NASA!

Legoland Stonehenge

Legoland The Angel of the North

Legoland Cricket

Legoland Kebab

Legoland Lift

Legoland Streaker

Legoland Fun Fair

Legoland Castle

Legoland Canal

Legoland London

Legoland Rugby

Legoland Railway

Legoland NASA

Legoland Fishing Village

Legoland Kayak

Legoland Boats

Even at Legoland I couldn't resist snapping a shot of some newly weds!

Legoland Wedding

If you fancy seeing some Lego and don't have time to travel to Windsor this Christmas, check out the Lego exhibition at The Forum in Norwich,000-lego-bricks-is-coming-to-the-forum


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