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Norwich City Centre at Christmas

Just a couple of weeks until Christmas Day, we decided to get a little festive and focus our attention on the spectacular display of lights across Norwich city center.

Whether you have already braved the winter evening to get ahead of your Christmas shopping or have had your office party, then I am sure you have already witnessed some of the festive scenes around Norwich.

Wrapping up warm, we met by the Forum to admire the cities very popular Tunnel of Lights. With the end of the frantic rush hour, with few people roaming the streets, Norwich was very calm and peaceful - just to warn you, I am pretty sure this won't last!

Lets dive straight into #MyTunnelOfLight... the 45 meter long tunnel of approx. 50,000 pulsing lights is (according to the BBC), the longest festive tunnel of light in Europe! The experience of Christmas shopping has never been better for Norwich.

Tunnel of Lights 2017 in Norwich City Centre

Tunnel of Lights 2017 in Norwich City centre

Tunnel of Lights 2017 in Norwich City centre

Walking towards the forum, the sequence and pattern of the pulsating lights began to slightly alter and slow in speed, resembling the wondrous scene of The Northern Lights.

Northern Light pattern on the Tunnel of Lights, Norwich City Centre, Norfolk

Northern Light pattern on the Tunnel of Lights, Norwich City Centre, Norfolk

Tunnel of Light on Hayhill

The forum decked with Christmas Lights 2017

The Forum, Millennium Plain

We couldn't help but stop to admire the colourful and artistic window displays of Jarrolds department store. From a distance, the grand, historic building looked breathtaking.

Jarrolds at Christmas 2017, London St, Norwich, Norfolk

Jarrolds, London Street

Hanging from the ceiling of the Royal Arcade are hundreds of letters to Santa, it took a while for us to figure out but inside the Arcade is a postbox where you can send letters to Santa!

Handing Letter to Santa on the ceiling of the Royal Arcade, Norwich, Norfolk

Royal Arcade

Garlands of vertical lights hang from the buildings up and down the historic side streets of Norwich.

Garlands of vertical lights hanging from the buildings of side streets in Norwich, Norfolk

Dove Street

To experience more of Christmas, have a stroll around Norwich, take in the smell of sweet roasted peanuts whilst looking up to admire the scenic display of lights (to avoid walking into a lamp post, please make sure you stop somewhere safe before looking up!)

Enjoy and Happy Christmas :)


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