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Wedding of Mandy & Frank | Liberty, Wroxham & Bacton Beach

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Last minute wedding changes created every brides dream beach Norfolk wedding!

We met with Mandy and Frank several months before the COVID-19 nightmare had enveloped the World and they initially explored the idea of a cruise ship wedding; fortunately for this very lucky couple, they made the decision to remain in the UK so that all friends and family could attend and decided to host it at their friends amazing American Diner, at Liberty, Wroxham.

As we reached Spring in 2021, everything was still very uncertain with guest numbers and what we could and could't do so the wedding plans were slightly tweaked last minute from an indoor ceremony at Liberty to an outdoor beach ceremony. Mandy's good friend and bridesmaid owns an exclusive plot of land and chalets just by Bacton's seafront and generously offered the land to be used as a car park and the starting line of their wedding aisle.

The last minute tweak was a game changer to their wedding day and worked spectacularly. In addition to the unique venues, Mandy and Frank also had some remarkable wedding vendors up their sleeves that worked incredibly hard to make this day so perfect.

Mandy is a professional florist and owns a Florist Workshop in Norwich and therefore the entire day was brought to life with vibrant scenes of her flower arrangements. One piece that really stood out, was her beautiful dusty pink wedding arch.

Frank is a local fireman and therefore, Mandy and her daughter had the exciting experience of being driven from their Hotel at Holiday Inn, (North Norwich) to Bacton Beach. Following the fire engine, was their friend driving the rest of the bridesmaids in an elegant and stunning Mercedes.

As the bridal party reached the beach, the guests were sat on deck chairs and on the beach wall. The air was perfectly warm and humid and and the sky was a beautiful shade of blue and Bacton's sea skyline looked sensational. A few rain clouds were lurking above but the rain held until the very last point of the ceremony. The rain did not ruin anyone's fun as Frank's very structured itinerary included a 'wet weather plan' and guests were all equipped with umbrella's and rain coats.

When the shower passed, the bridal party rolled up their trousers and dresses and went for a paddle. The waves were slightly choppy and even caught a few of us out!

The happily married couple then climbed onboard of their fire engine and made their way to Liberty in Wroxham.

Guests were waiting in the restaurant's garden enjoying the scenes of the broads and feeding the swans. Inside the restaurant, the tables were beautiful decorated with Amanda's flower arrangements. A caricaturist was also moving from table to table keeping people entertained until the rain stopped enough for us to grab a group photo under the marquee.

For the rest of the evening people ate, drank and even nipped upstairs to watch the TV as England were playing football. As we packed up our equipment we left everybody to carry on celebrating a day that despite all the odds turned out perfectly.

Bridal Prep - Holiday Inn Norwich
Wedding Flowers - Amanda Johnstone
Wedding Flowers by
Norfolk Bride and Wedding Party next to Fire Engine
Norfolk Bride climbs into Fire Engine, Norwich
Beach Wedding at Bacton, Norfolk
Beach Wedding Ceremony, Norfolk Coast
Beach Wedding at Bacton, Norfolk
North Norfolk Beach Wedding
Beach Wedding Flower Altar, The Florist Workshop, Norwich
Norfolk Beach Wedding - Bacton Beach, UK
Bride & Grooms Beach Wedding, Bacton, Norfolk UK
Fire Engine Wedding, Norfolk, UK
Liberty Restaurant, Wroxham Wedding Wedding, Wroxham
Liberty Restaurant, Wroxham Norfolk Wedding
Liberty Restaurant, Wroxham Wedding, Norfolk
Liberty Restaurant, Wroxham Wedding, Norfolk
Liberty Restaurant, Wroxham Wedding, Norfolk
Liberty Restaurant, Wroxham Wedding, Norfolk
Liberty Restaurant, Wroxham Wedding, Norfolk
Liberty Restaurant, Wroxham Wedding, Norfolk
Liberty Restaurant, Wroxham Wedding, Norfolk

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