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Wedding of Hattie & George | The Unthank Arms, Norwich, Norfolk

Last July, we had the pleasure of meeting Hattie and George for their engagement photo shoot at George's family home in Norwich. If you haven't seen their blog, please check it out by clicking here:- Hattie & George Engagement Photo Shoot or the album can be found here:- Engagement of Hattie & George Album.

We were amazed to hear how long these two had been in each others lives and how George had managed to pull of the best marriage proposal, we had ever heard!

We started our day with some wedding preparation shots at George and Hattie's parents home - Ryan with George and Emily with Hattie. Bridal and Groom prep can often be slightly intense from emotion and time constraints, however on this occasion, it was lovely for us to see Hattie & George with their families relaxing before their wedding.

St Andrews, Lamas Church is placed on the banks of the River Bure and is down a long grassy path beside a paddock from the village street. Reverend David Hagan-Palmer, family friend of Hattie was asked to officiate their wedding ceremony. Revd David looks after the Bure Valley Churches which fortunately included Lamas, and who couldn't resist choosing this unbelievably stunning church!

As the newly weds left the church, their guests, armed with confetti were waiting for them by the door and immediately covered them.

After photographing some traditional wedding shots of Hattie and George's family, the guests made their way to the wedding reception at The Unthanks Arms in Norwich. This not only gave the newly wed couple some chance to have some time together but also gave us the opportunity to explore the stunning church grounds.

By the riverbank was a rustic, homemade swing. After their engagement shoot based on George's childhood swing, we couldn't resist an attempt to re-enact the photographs, only with the swing positioned so close to the water, we had to be extra careful.

Hidden behind lush shrubbery was a green, weathered tiny boathouse with a decked balcony. The couple climbed the narrow staircase that overlooked the river. We positioned ourselves either side of the boathouse, one side in the shade and the other, facing the fierce afternoon sun.

Soon, it was time for Hattie and George to join their guests at The Unthank Arms in Norwich and begin their wedding breakfast.

The wedding speeches were fantastic. The best man was buzzing with energy and with no sign of a script, managed to pull off such a comical and heartfelt speech.

Following the "cutting of the wedding cake", the wedding guests laughed as Hattie gave her new Husband first taste of the cake!

Hattie's sister stepped up and totally owned the moment as she beautifully serenaded Hattie and George for their first dance.

After a long, glorious day; friends, family and loved ones settled down with drink and dancing to celebrate the beginning of Hattie and Georges adventure together as Husband and Wife.


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