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Superhero Wedding Favours!!

A wedding day can be a very long day for a child - before they (finally) get to knee slide across the dance floor they have to sit through the ceremony, speeches and all the other moments that don't really interest them. With hungry bellies, short attention spans and tired eyes to contend with, a wedding isn’t always the most fun of places for children.

When organising a wedding, some couple's take what could be considered the safer option and ask kindly if guest’s can leave their children behind for the day. Others consider them to be just as important to the day as everyone else - particularly if they have their own - and encourage their involvement and inclusion. It's important to note that there is no right or wrong - you just need to choose what feels right for you.

So if you choose the route of inclusion how do you deal with the fidgeting and boredom other than handing over a tablet or smartphone?

The key is to embrace the energy and sense of fun that children bring rather than see it as a nuisance and inject that magic ingredient into the day.

Children dressed as superheros at Wedding at Whitwell Station, Reepham, Nofolk

A recent Bride and Groom had two girls and plenty of friends and family with children at similar ages and really took to the time to make sure everyone felt included.

After the ceremony the wedding breakfast arrived and the clever parents had a special plan. Rather than seating the children with their parents or guardians, a separate ‘children’s table’ was setup at the front of the hall. This meant that the children were not bored by adult conversations and rather than being ‘seen and not heard’, were free to have their own conversations amongst each other. Then came the wedding favours... superhero outfits! Through the eyes of the children This Wedding Reception quickly transformed into a fantastic Superhero hideout!

Superhero themed wedding, boys playing at the Wedding Disco

Of course dressing up as superheroes is not just for the children as you can see…

Superhero themed wedding at Whitwell Station, Reepham, Norfolk


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