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A picture is worth a thousand words...

A new feature Emily and I will be sharing is looking back at some of our pictures that are our personal favourites and explaining the reasons why we love them so much.

They will perhaps not be the most obvious choices or even the most technically perfect but the idea being they are single pictures that tell a story about the exact time and place they were taken.

I am starting with a photo from the Wedding of Tanya and Daniel which was taken last year during the bridal preparation.

Sister helps Bride with finishing touches

Bridal prep is simultaneously perhaps the most exciting part of the wedding day and also the most tense. People tend to feel anxious yet animated as they count down the hours to the ceremony - some are ready with time to spare and others rushing till the end!

For me, this photo sums up just how important a wedding is to everybody involved; the level of concentration on the face of Tanya's sister as the bridesmaids anxiously watch emotes exactly how important all the little details are on applying the finishing touches to make sure that the bride is looking at her most perfect.

In this case nobody had anything to worry about as they were ready and looking immaculate just in time for the VW Campervan to whisk them away!


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