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Wedding of Hollie & Josh | Holliefest, Melton Constable, Norfolk

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Just over one year ago, over a drink at The Holiday Inn, Norwich we met with Hollie & Josh to discuss their wedding ideas. It was explained that Hollie had a very musical family which would be incorporated throughout the wedding day. Another important detail to mention (which really excited us) was the plan of having a 'Wedfest'. If you are familiar with our blog, you may be aware that I attempted this and take it from me, its difficult!

Groom waiting nervously for bride to enter church, Wedding at Melton Constable, Norfolk

On Saturday 4th August, we met with Josh at St Peter's Church, Melton Constable. After the spell of unbearable heat we were all relieved to hear that the day would be a comfortably warm and dry - perfect for a wedding.

Bridesmaids arranging brides veil before she enters the church, Wedding at Melton Constable, Norfolk

The church was absolutely stunning and the ceremony was beautiful.

Photo of bride as she first meet groom at the alter, wedding at Melton Constable, Norfolk

During the signing of the register, Hollie's sister stood up at the front of the church and sang. Her voice echoed to the back of the church and was breathtaking.

Bridesmaid singing at her sisters wedding, Melton Constable church, Norfolk

Moments after the newlyweds exited the church, they were greeted with a traditional chimney sweeper - we couldn't resist borrowing his vintage bike for a quick photo!

Traditional wedding chimney sweeper by Nigel Spinks, Norfolk Wedding

Black and white wedding photograph of bride & groom kissing on Chim Chimneys vintage bike, Melton Constable Church, Norfolk (UK)

After a few snaps around the Melton Constable church grounds, we headed over to the small village of Swanton Novers to "Jolliefest" at the Village Hall.

Bride revealing her long veil in front of Melton Constable Church, Norfolk (UK)

As we walked in, we were blown away. The hall was beautifully decorated with sunflowers, fairy lights, rustic bark place names and bottled shots for favours. Hung behind the top table was a lit sign "Jolliefest" cleverly designed and crafted by the brilliant couple. Gold streamers and fairy lights hung around it.

Photo of unique personalised wedding favours for wedfest wedding, Norfolk (UK)

Outside were hay bales and another master piece created by the couple. They explained that the photo booth only took a couple of days to construct and paint and then apologised if it was a little crude. If Ryan hadn't of pointed out the extra detail, my innocent mind would never had allowed me to notice it!

Bride & Groom using their DIY personlised wedding photo booth, Norfolk

With the lit gold scene behind the top table and the vintage microphone, the speeches photos made the wedding party seen as though they were on a real life stage.

Father of the bride speeches, Norfolk Wedding (UK)

Groom performing speech to bride stood in front of gold streamers and fairy lights, Norfolk Wedding (UK)

Best man speech stood in front of gold streamers and fairy lights, Norfolk Wedding (UK)

With a wide range of entertainment, the wedding guests thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the afternoon.

Family photograph of guests at wedding, Norfolk (UK)

Wedding guests enjoying themselves at Wedfest, Norfolk (UK)

Guests performing at wedfest wedding, Norfolk (UK)

As well as capturing the traditional wedding family photographs, we all couldn't resist having a bit of fun!

Fun wedding photograph of bridesmaids holding groom, Norfolk Wedding (UK)

Black and white cinema themed wedding photograph of bride and groom, Norfolk (UK)

Bride and Bridesmaid photograph, Wedding Norfolk (UK)

Fun and unique wedding photography with bride and bridesmaid, Norfolk (UK)

Moments before the arrival of the evening wedding guests, we whisked the couple away for a quick stroll down the country lane.

Black and white wedding photography of bride and groom strolling down a Norfolk country lane (UK)

The Holliefest's live entertainment continued with the bride herself singing to her guests - we couldn't believe how talented the entire family were. The bride's audience were mesmerised from her astounding voice.

Wedding photograph of Wedfest singing performance by bride, Norfolk (UK) wedding

As if the performance couldn't get better, Hollie called over her husband and sat him down at the front of the audience and serenaded him with an old fashioned sweet heart song. This was by far the most romantic thing I have ever seen a bride do!

Wedfest wedding performance of bride serenading groom, Norfolk (UK)

Wedfest Wedding, guests watching performance of bride singing, Norfolk (UK) Wedding

After Hollie's fabulous performance, her sister and Bridesmaid Jodie sang for the Father and Daughter dance and then continued with lively music.

Father Daughter First Dance at Wedfest Wedding, Norfolk (UK)

Wedfest performance of bridesmaids singing at wedding, Noroflk (UK)

Wedding guests dancing to wedfest singing performance by bridesmaid, Norfolk (UK)

After Jodie's performance and a few doughnuts later, the Holliefest continued inside the Hall with barn dancing...

Bride, groom and wedding guests dancing to barn dance music performance at wedfest, Norfolk UK

...followed by her first dance and entertainment performed from her dad.

Bride and grooms first dance at their wedfest wedding, singing performed by father of the bride, Norfolk UK

What an incredible Wedfest wedding!

Any of Hollie and Josh's friends and family that have been given a password to their photo gallery, the album can be found on: -

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Wedding Chimney Sweeper by Chim Chimney | Doughnuts by How Sweet it is


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