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Lifestyle Family Photography | Evening at Cromer Beach, Norfolk

Every so often, a close friend or relative will ask really nicely for a photo shoot, and with no hesitation, I will accept. Capturing family and friends on camera is typically an easy and enjoyable job as I already know their likes, dislikes and how they react to a camera.

When my closest cousin and his girlfriend asked for a surprise photo shoot for my Auntie's birthday, there was no way I could say no. Why didn't I think to do this sooner? My Auntie loves the camera and her house is full of beautifully framed photographs of her friends and family.

Despite the boys asking for this photo shoot, they didn't exactly make it easy for me. I was given a thirty minute time limit and was only allowed two locations. Unwilling to crack a smile, I made use of the stunning surroundings and sunset and captured some silhouette shots of the boys and their Mum walking along the beach.

My Auntie and her partner were thankfully the complete opposite. All loved-up and extremely happy, I simply stood back and photographed them walk along the beach and joke around together.

Below are a couple of my personal favourites...

Family Photography taken in field opposite Cromer Beach

Stunning sunset photo of loved-up couple walking along Cromer beach, Norfolk

Romantic black and white photograph of couple in love, Cromer Beach

Family photo of couple at Cromer Beach

Sunset photography of mum and sons walking along Cromer Beach

Sunset photograph of mum forcing her sons to link arms with her at Cromer Beach

Location of Photography Session


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