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Amy & Paul | Shropham Church, Attleborough & Family House

A beautiful summer's day in the picturesque village of Shropham, Attleborough. Amy and Paul's wedding reception at Paul's family home couldn't be more stunning. Paul's parents invested weeks of intense gardening to create their vibrant dream wedding venue and as you can see from the photographs, it truly paid off!

If this magical day couldn't get any better, our talented, rock star groom surprised his guests from drumming in his band, "The Minute Steaks".

Brides Brother Speech, Shropham Church

Newly Weds kissing against Shropham's Church gates

Flower Girls, Shropham Church

Wedding guests laughing at the camera in the family home in Shropham

Newly Weds covered in confetti

Mr & Mrs Nudd's standing against a rustic tin shed

Newly Weds walking through the gardens at family home in Shropham

Wedding Band - 'The Minute Steaks'

Wedding guests dancing to band, 'The Minute Steaks'

Vendors loved by Woodrow and Cook

Music - The Minute Steaks


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