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Sophie & Steve | Godwick Hall, King's Lynn, Norfolk

A warm autumn wedding at the unique, Godwick Hall, having known Sophie for many years, the venue and day was a reflection of her personality!

Our down-to-earth and warmhearted couple wishes were to celebrate their marriage with a relaxed and intimate family wedding.

Wedding Vows, Godwick Hall

Tractor Trip to the ruins at Godwick Hall

Bride & Groom standing in front of the ruins of Godwick Hall

Black & white photo of bride & groom standing in front of the ruins at Godwick Hall

Family Formal photograph of Bridal Party and Bride

Sibling Love - Bride's Brother holding Bride

Romantic photo of Bride & Grooms sat in front of canvas and bunting

Dramatic photo of Groom holding his Bride in front of a colourful sunset at Godwick Hall

Sunset photo of Bride & Groom in front of ruins of Godwick Hall

First Dance, Godwick Hall


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